Auto Recon Pros is the ONLY certified provider for Motorcycle Rim Repair along the ENTIRE EAST COAST.
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We're excited to announce Raleigh Wheel Repair + Auto Recon Pros has added Motorcycle wheel rim repair as one of our specialty services!

Raleigh Wheel Repair + Auto Recon Pros has repaired thousands of damaged Automotive rims, as well as numerous bent, torn, pothole dented and scratched wheels and is excited to add Motorcycle wheel rims to that list.

Our ACU-TRU® service can correct lateral run out to within .010 for a smooth, safe ride. A bent wheel or rim that is rolled, gauged, or smashed can be safely restored to like-new condition in most cases through the use of low heat and high pressure. Our refinishing process insures each motorcycle wheel rim maintains structural integrity.

After a motorcycle wheel is true and straight, a self-etching epoxy primer is applied and the required/requested finish is applied to match the factory original look.

Motorcycle wheels requiring polishing are put through the same meticulous process as refinished chrome wheels. Finally, each motorcycle rim and wheel is "oven baked" for durability.

At Raleigh Wheel Repair + Auto Recon Pros, we can repair your bent or broken motorcycle wheel for less than the cost of a replacement motorcycle wheel rim. Aluminum, magnesium or wire: our expert technicians will straighten and restore your wheel rim to factory specifications while checking radial/lateral run-out and balance to ensure that you enjoy a smooth ride down the road.